Virtual homeschooling for parents who want their kids to enjoy learning at home

Sprout Academy

The First All-inclusive Online Academy for Elementary School

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Countless parents are wondering...

“I’m doing my best, but I’m not an educator, is my child falling behind?”

“With so many activities and clubs cancelled, I worried they might be lonely.”

“How do I make sure my child’s educational and social needs are being met without sacrificing my sanity or our financial future?”

Working parents have too much on their plate to add homeschooling their children to their list.

If you’ve ever homeschooled your child, you know how overwhelming it can be. And if you’ve never homeschooled but find yourself considering it for the first time, we can tell you that it’s NO walk in the park.

Each state has different compliance requirements and the burden of making sure you are in compliance falls totally on you, the parent.

There’s tons of information out there online, but finding reliable information can be tricky to say the least.

That’s why we created Sprout Academy

We are parents and educators on a mission to make quality virtual education available and accessible all over the world.

Here at Sprout Academy, our goal is to help parents:

  1. Feel involved in their child’s education without having to do all of the complicated behind the scenes work
  2. Rest easy knowing their child is learning the required content for their age group
  3. Affordable high quality educational services without having to hire a private instructor or tutor
  4. Alleviate the burden of organizing a homeschool group, sharing an instructor and all the logistical coordination of virtual learning
  5. Provide much needed structure and stability in their child’s routine
  6. Promote safe, social skills and relationship building with the same peers and instructor week after week

Sprout Academy

Virtual homeschooling for busy working parents with children in Elementary school

* No credit card required to get started

Sprout Academy placements are given out on a first come, first serve basis. If you’re interested, we highly suggest you start your child’s enrollment process today.

Our Sprout Academy placements are extremely limited and go fast.

Here's what our parents had to say:

“Catherine enjoyed every minute of it and loved to express herself from all the activities you guys shared with us. My husband and I couldn't be more happy with this program!”

Alexia N.

“My daughter loves class!! It’s been such a game changer for us and we couldn’t be happier!!!

- Kelley B

“We have tried different programs out there but my daughter loved your program the most!”

- Saori H.

“Your program is the equivalent of preschool in terms of its quality of its delivery and content. My son looks forward to every class.”

- Daisy K.

How does it work?


We will start by showing you and your child how Sprout Academy works. You’ll get to know our teaching philosophy, our class procedure and how we strive to create a safe and positive environment for your child. This will include:
  • How to use our online program
  • Subjects & disciplines covered
  • Weekly life skills
  • Assessments & Assignments

Set Up For Sucess

You and your child will learn how to use our online program and how to get your learning space set up for success. With our resources and tools, there will be NO confusion on how to get ready for homeschooling.

Monthly Reports & Quarterly Check-Ins

In addition, we like to make a BIG deal of your child’s achievements. Each month, we’ll send out a progress report celebrating your child’s milestones. You’ll also be invited to virtual parent/instructor conferences once every quarter.


We understand that parents have demanding jobs which means they’ll need a little help with homeschooling their children. They may not want their children to sit in a physical classroom for 8 + hours but instead, want the flexibility to receive help from anywhere.

Parents want to feel more involved with their child’s education without having to do all of the complicated work of setting everything up and teaching their child the required content.

What’s Included?

Once you’ve been introduced to our program and set up your learning space, it’s time to start learning!

Here’s everything you get when you join Sprout Academy:

  1. Instructor-led sessions with a maximum of 6 children and up to 3 classes per day
  2. Students meet with their instructor five days a week, twice a day for 50-minutes
  3. Students will also have access to Learning Assistants (LA) in between classes if they require extra help or have any questions about their course work.
  4. Students in the 3th to 6th grades will have access to peer groups where they can work together on group projects or assignments.
  5. We like to make a BIG deal of your child’s achievements with monthly progress reports and quarterly virtual parent/instructor conferences.

What makes Sprout Academy unique?

We handle all Department of Education requirements and state standard curriculum

Small Class Sizes: No more than 6 students per class

Year round homeschool network for Grade 3 - 6

5 days a week, two 50 minute sessions per day

In between classes, Learning Assistants are available to provide support

Beginning and end of the year assessments and quarterly parent/instructor conferences

I believe 100% in this program (plus the introductory price makes it so affordable)

That’s why, if you’re not satisfied with our program within one week, simply contact us for a full refund of your subscription.

Your Questions, Answered

New Sphere Academy is a monthly subscription service that starts at $699/month and includes:
  • Up to 3 instructor-led, 50-minute classes every weekday (M-F)
  • No more than 6 children per class & peer groups for grades 3-6
  • Access to Learning Assistants (LA) in between classes for extra support
  • Monthly progress reports and quarterly parent/instructor conferences
  • Parents with children between the ages of 8 to 12 years old who want to feel more involved with their child’s education but might feel overwhelmed taking on all of the complicated work
  • Beginner homeschool students who want a step by step guideline on independent online learning
  • We encourage students to learn on their own, but of course children learning with their parents is always a great experience for both!
  • Our Enrollment Success Manager will work with you to ensure you have all the supplies and equipment you need to be successful. Most students bring a laptop, tablet or iPad and lots of enthusiasm to learn!
  • Siblings are welcome to join however, they are required to have their own Sprout Academy subscription. Families cannot share one placement for more than one child.
  • If you cancel for any reason within one month of enrollment, we guarantee 100% money back. If you decide to cancel your subscription, please request a refund

    Still Have Questions?

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

    We’re thrilled to provide a convenient, safe, and reliable learning solution to help your child develop their academic and social skills at home.


    The First All-inclusive Online Academy for Elementary School